True T 23 Freezer - Lg French Door Refrigerator Review.

True T 23 Freezer

true t 23 freezer

  • deep-freeze: electric refrigerator (trade name Deepfreeze) in which food is frozen and stored for long periods of time

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  • A refrigerated compartment, cabinet, or room for preserving food at very low temperatures

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  • A device for making frozen desserts such as ice cream or sherbet

    t 23
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true t 23 freezer - True T-23FG

True T-23FG 27" Glass Door Reach-In Freezer

True T-23FG 27" Glass Door Reach-In Freezer

Storing ice cream and other frozen foods is a breeze with this reliable freezer. The clear glass door on this 27" Glass Door Reach-In Freezer (T-23FG) from True allows you to find items before you open the door saving time, saving energy and saving you money. This durable freezer has been designed utilizing the highest quality materials and components eliminating worries about frozen goods in any commercial foodservice environment from concession operations to hotels. Additionally, restaurants will benefit from the automatic defrost system and reliable, consistent temperature. Features: Positive seal self-closing doors, Triple pane thermal glass door, Aluminum back and sides, Stainless steel front panel. Benefits: Oversized factory balanced refrigeration system holds temperature at -10°F, Adjustable, heavy-duty PVC shelves for maximum storage capability, Automatic defrost system saves energy consumption.

83% (7)

Dear Me Day 187

Dear Me Day 187

Day 187/365 June 23rd, 2011

The way I figure it, I was 9 when I crashed down. And it may have been the year he stopped abusing me, but at the same time... it was the year that the abuse really took the heaviest toll on me for some reason. I was never the same after that year. That's when I started carrying the full weight of shame and fear and anxiety and ... worthlessness that stayed with me for the next 20 years.

I don't know about it taking 10 times as long. But it took all of 3 years (at most) for me to be destroyed, and 20 to finally pull it all together again. Except I don't know that that's true either. Because really... it's only in the last year-- the last 7 months actually, that I've truly built myself back up. I feel sometimes like I rebuilt my heart as I rewrote some of the tapes that ran in my head. Created a new home within myself so I could start over. The point isn't about how long it took. The point is that I gave up on myself a long time ago. The point is that I had already decided I wasn't worth it-- that there wasn't anything worth fixing in the first place.

And now, here I stand. Not perfect, not done, not 100% by any means... but rebuilt nonetheless. Stronger. Smarter. Without shame. Without Guilt. WIthout the burdens of the things that tore me down to begin with.

In therapy tonight we talked about how striking the difference is in me these days. And we talked about Mr. Deep Freeze (I have a few photos left of my abuser... snapshots from years and years ago... and they are currently sitting in an envelope in the freezer of SuperTherapists's small drink fridge in her office). We talked about Mr. Deep Freeze and how I have actually finally once and for all: released him. I don't carry him with me any more. I woke up one morning and he was gone. No longer a weight around my heart, no longer a memory in my body, just... gone.

I'm free of him now.

Next month, when we meet again-- SuperTherapist and I will be burning those photos. Symbolic more than anything. Although I once thought I would have to destroy them to be free-- I know better now. I already AM free. I am together, in myself. Finally.

I know there are going to be challenges. Physical intimacy is not going to be an easy hurdle, I know that. There is a whole slew of body memory that has to be re-written someday. But it will be. Because he has no hold over me anymore. He is the reason I fell apart... but I built myself back up without him. He is no longer a piece of who I am. And never will be again.

I did it.

Secret 23 | 3 going on 23

Secret 23 | 3 going on 23

23rd secret on my 23rd birthday.

Thirty Secrets. Thirty Days.

Secret #23: Today, I’m turning 23. I don’t know how I feel about this yet. I prolly will write something about this as soon as the elation from having to wake up with lots of people remembering my birthday will subside. One thing I love about birthdays though is that it gives you an idea and a little glimpse about the whole Warhol thing of being famous even for just 15 minutes.

#23.5: I dislike turning a year older. I don’t like turning 23. I didn’t even like the idea of turning 19 when I was 18. Didn’t like it enough that I remembered answering that I was 18 for 2 years when asked how old I was.

true t 23 freezer

true t 23 freezer

True T-series S/S 2-half Door Reach-in -10°f Freezer - T-23F-2

True t-series s/s 2-solid half door reach-in -10°f freezer the true right hinged door reach-in freezers are designed with the highest quality materials and parts that provide colder temperatures, lower utility costs, and food safety. true uses 300 stainless steel, the finest available, for fewer scratches and dents. this freezer holds temperatures to -10°f for the best food preservation. this freezer offers the convenience of a "no-stoop" lower shelf and storage on the top of the cabinet. there is a lifetime guarantee on the door hinges and torsion closure system. width: 27" depth: 29-1/2" height: 78-3/8" weight: 300 lbs 23 cubic feet 300 series stainless steel nsf-7 compliant ecomate insulation zero ozone depletion (odp), zero global warming potential (gwp) cfc free r404a refrigerant refrigeration system holds temperatures to -10°f automatic defrost system lifetime guaranteed door handles 5 year compression warranty 2 self-closing half doors 3 adjustable pvc coated shelves no-stoop lower shelf unit is pre-wired for 115/60/1 phase 15 amp outlet made in the usa model #: t-23f-2 888964

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