Yellow Jacket Refrigeration Gauges

yellow jacket refrigeration gauges

    yellow jacket
  • Yellowjacket is the common name in North America for predatory wasps of the genera Vespula and Dolichovespula. Members of these genera are known simply as "wasps" in other English-speaking countries.

  • A wasp or hornet with bright yellow markings

  • pentobarbital sodium: a barbiturate (trade name Nembutal) used as a sedative and hypnotic and antispasmodic

  • small yellow-marked social wasp commonly nesting in the ground

  • the process of cooling or freezing (e.g., food) for preservative purposes

  • deliberately lowering the body's temperature for therapeutic purposes; "refrigeration by immersing the patient's body in a cold bath"

  • (refrigerant) any substance used to provide cooling (as in a refrigerator)

  • A tool for checking whether something conforms to a desired dimension

  • (gauge) a measuring instrument for measuring and indicating a quantity such as the thickness of wire or the amount of rain etc.

  • (gauge) estimate: judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time); "I estimate this chicken to weigh three pounds"

  • An instrument or device for measuring the magnitude, amount, or contents of something, typically with a visual display of such information

  • A means of estimating something; a criterion or test

  • (gauge) accepted or approved instance or example of a quantity or quality against which others are judged or measured or compared

yellow jacket refrigeration gauges - Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket 49041 Hi-Side Solar/light-powered Digital LCD Gauges

Yellow Jacket 49041 Hi-Side Solar/light-powered Digital LCD Gauges

Light-powered pressure gauges operate continuously, even in low light conditions. Eliminate battery replacement costs and loss of power during jobs Automatic pressure-temperature readout for R-22, R134a, R-404A, R-407C, R-410A, R-422D, R-427A and R-507 Available individually or on TITANTM 4-Valve Manifold, TITANTM 2-Valve Manifold or Series 41 Manifold Two selector switches on the front panel select the refrigerant type and zero-set the gauge and a DIP switch on the back selects the unit of measure Calibrated to 1% accuracy 1/8" NPT Male connection Two second display response ABS plastic case PSI °F, PSI °C, bar °C and MPa °C Lo-side pressure scale of 30 inHg vacuum to 350 psi Hi-side pressure scale of 0 to 800 psig Working temperature range from 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)

82% (16)

The Relationship Between A Flower And A Yellow Jacket

The Relationship Between A Flower And A Yellow Jacket

The red flower and the yellow jacket display a symbiotic relationship. The flower attracts the yellow jacket by its color and shape; it also provides food, or nectar, to the yellow jacket. In return, the yellow jacket picks up pollen from the flower and spreads the pollen from flower to flower; this process is known as pollination. Abiotic components such as sunlight, soil, and water allow the red flower to grow, and the red flower is a producer. Also, one difference between an abiotic component in a terrestrial versus an aquatic ecosystem is the nutrients, moisture, and sunlight in the soil (above) that allows plant growth is much different than the soil in an aquatic ecosystem; this is true because different types of plants grow on land versus in the water.

Yellow Jackets - Mint Blossoms

Yellow Jackets - Mint Blossoms

Yellow jackets (Vespula species, Vespa species and Dolichovespula species) are considered beneficial around home gardens and commercially grown fruits and vegetables at certain times of the year because they feed abundantly on insect pests such as caterpillars and harmful flies. Unfortunately, in late summer and early fall when their populations peak, the yellow jackets’ normal insect diet disappears and their feeding habits become a problem to man. At this time of year, the yellow jacket has an appetite for much the same food and drink as those consumed by man. Also, yellow jacket stings can result in a life-threatening situation, especially if the person is allergic to yellow jacket venom.

yellow jacket refrigeration gauges

yellow jacket refrigeration gauges

Yellow Jacket 42001 Series 41 Manifold 3 1/8" Gauges

This field-proven manifold line has been expanded to include larger, easier to read color-coded gauges in rugged steel cases with polycarbonate crystals. Most importantly, these gauges feature 1% accuracy for an exact reading in critical charge systems.
Refrigerant combinations:
R-22, R-404A, R-410A
Color-coded scales with bold, easy to read dials
Dials with 1% accuracy (Class 1) for critical charge systems
Proven sliding double "O" ring pistons reduce wear
Long life nylon seats
Forged brass body for durability
Full porting maximizes capacity and flow

* This unit contains no hoses.

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