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Daewoo Black Fridge Freezer

daewoo black fridge freezer

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Daewoo SR BF106 Bus

Daewoo SR BF106 Bus

Model: 2011 PL5UFJ50HDAK at NLEX.

Chassis Manufacturer: Daewoo Bus Corporation
Body Manufacturer: Santarosa Motor Works, Inc.
Operator: Santrans Corporation
Type: NAC
Remarks: Santrans Corporation continues the acquisition of additional brand new Daewoo SR BF106 units like in this photo shown above. The headlamps of additional Daewoo SR BF106 units are similar to BV115 headlamps. As part of the company's refleeting programs, expect more new units to arrive soon, as well as the rebodied or reconditioned units.

Specifications are subjected for verification and may be changed without prior notice.



DAEWOO GDW6111HW Sleeping berth
Total quality:14800
Length * width * height:11310*2490*3730
YC6G220-20 162KW
YC6G240-20 177KW

daewoo black fridge freezer

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